What You Need To Know About The Housing Market In 2018

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We’re in the second month of 2018, so for most, days of setting goals and making 2018 plans is probably not at the forefront of to-do lists. But, don’t get it twisted – it’s never too late to set a goal. And, if you’re one of many who actually did set a new year’s resolution but haven’t even taken the first step to accomplish it, it’s not too late for you either.

With that being said, let’s talk about real estate. Buying a home is a big decision and is often a goal for many. Selling a home and even refinancing a home could be goals that you set for yourself as well. If either are one of your goals for 2018, or if you’ve been thinking about making one a goal in the near future, odds are, you’re probably wondering where to start.

Well, for starters, it’s always a good idea to have some insight into the real estate market if you’re planning to buy, refinance or sell. Check out these articles that talk about what to expect from the housing market in 2018.

Home Finance Applications On The Rise Even As Rates Continue Climbing

According to Housingwire, home finance applications have continued to increase, even though rates have climbed to the highest they’ve been in a year. Purchase applications outnumber refinance applications, although both are on the rise.

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The Hottest Real Estate Markets To Watch In 2018

If you’re planning to buy, but still deciding where you want to live, Trulia’s hottest real estate marketing to watch in 2018 is a read for you. Among the list are Grand Rapids, Mich., Nashville, Tenn., and Raleigh, N.C. Strong employment and job growth, along with high shares of 35 and under homeowners placed these 3 cities at the top of the list.

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How Millennials Are Changing The Real Estate Market

Although this article was posted late in December, it still holds some significance since more and more Millennials are making the decision to become homeowners. What experts have noticed is that first-time home buying Millennials are spending more on their homes, since they’re older and have accumulated more money by the time they decide to buy. Other things to note: Millennial women, more than men, are buying homes, standalone properties are the most popular choice and the quality of the neighborhood along with proximity to jobs are top factors considered by Millennial homebuyers.

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