Ideas for a riba-free lifestyle

How to lead a life that does not involve riba? Is it really possible in a society that is centered on interest based financing systems? These are a few serious questions that every Muslim would come across at some point in time. Sharia law teaches that usury or interest on financial transactions causes an imbalance in the economic structure of the society. Therefore, some Muslims follow this teaching with dedication while some try their best to abide by it. In this article, we discuss a few ideas that would help you better in keeping your life free from riba.


Keep track of your Credit card bills

One of the cornerstones of financial transactions in the current era, credit cards are the easiest and unsuspecting of ways through which riba can enter your life. Though they can make your day-to-day purchases convenient, a missed due date could lead you into paying interest on the money you owe.

As credit card bills are generated over specific periods of time, you can use a reminder app on your smartphone or computer to keep track of your due dates. Key in your billing cycles in such a way that you’re alerted a couple of days before the grace period begins.

Follow halal banking practices

Banks are at the nucleus of the interest based economic system. However, it is hard to even imagine a society that is devoid of banks. To ensure that their savings don’t earn interest, some devout Muslims opt for non-remunerative checking accounts instead of conventional savings accounts.

In case you’re unable to find banks that offer non-remunerative checking accounts, stay away from using the interest money. Or, a better idea would be to give it away for charity.

Practice Halal Home buying methods

Owning a house is an important part of the American dream. But as conventional mortgages are ruled out since they involve riba, you could consider obtaining your money from halal sources. These include money saved over a period of time, borrowings from friends and family, or the most viable option, which is taking Islamic home loans from a Sharia home finance company.

A riba-free life can be quite a blessing. As much as you avoid involving interest in your transactions, you get more than just being in line with your faith – a relief from the tension and stress that could arise in case you find it difficult to clear dues on time. We wish you find these ideas helpful in moving a step closer to a riba-free lifestyle. The more you practice, the happier you can be.


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