Inviting Peace Into Our Homes

Man kissing a child in the forehead image

Peace is an important concept in Islam. It’s the foundation of our greetings and nowhere do we seek it out more than at home. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite suggestions on how to invite it into your home.

5 things you can do to bring peace at home

1. Gather Regularly

Ramadan is a great time to start gathering regularly with your family for prayer, meals, and everything in between. Being together lets you reconnect and leave distractions that might be competing for your attention.

2. Turn off the electronics

This one isn’t easy, but you might consider blocking off time everyday where all the screens go dark. It could be for an hour or in between prayers. The less everyone is looking at screens, the more they are looking at each other.

3. Create work boundaries

Balancing work and life isn’t easy the entire year. Trying to find time for spirituality during Ramadan, can be even harder. Use Google Calendar to block off time and create clear boundaries for work, family, and prayer.

4. Reduce clutter

If you weren’t able to clear out the clutter at home before Ramadan, do so now. Clutter at home can compete for your attention as you try to focus on the stuff that matters. 

5. Look after your plants

Ramadan is now in the springtime so it’s a great opportunity to care for your garden. If you don’t have a backyard, bring plants into your house. Plants have a calming effect on the home that will be felt by all.

Every Ramadan we’re reminded of the blessings of our homes. Since 2002 Guidance Residential has helped over 28,000 families celebrate Ramadan in their homes. We are so thankful to be part of their Ramadan celebrations.

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