Things to avoid during the month of Ramadan

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Ramadan is an opportunity to recharge your spiritual batteries. Below are our favorite tips of what to avoid during this blessed month.

5 things to avoid this Ramadan

1. Pause the binge watching

You might be trying to make time pass by faster, but there are better Ramadan activities to do than watching new shows. Instead carve out time for reading the Quran and making extra duas and prayers. The shows will still be there after Ramadan ends.

2. End the backbiting

Fasting is more than just abstaining from eating and drinking. It’s also about ending bad habits like backbiting, gossiping, and spreading rumors. Keep your tongue focused on dhikr (remembrance of the Creator).

3. Don’t overeat at iftar

Ramadan is the season of fasting, not feasting. Keep it simple. Enjoy your iftar but remember too much food can distract you from worship. (And lead to indigestion) 

4. End the grudges

Ramadan is a great time to forgive others, especially family members. Don’t hold any animosity in your heart during the month of mercy. Forgive and seek your reward from God.

5. Don’t oversleep

It might seem tempting to sleep most of the daylight hours, but you might miss out on the blessings of the fasting hours. We are all for a good power nap, but make sure you don’t miss prayer times or waste away the day.

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