Understanding Ramadan

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You might have friends, colleagues, and clients who are welcoming the month of Ramadan. We’ve put together a few commonly asked questions about the holy month.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year for Muslims. They believe it was during this month that God revealed the first verses of the Quran, Islam’s sacred text, to the Prophet Mohammed (PBBUH).

What happens during Ramadan?

During the entire month, Muslims abstain from food and drink every day from dawn to sunset. It’s meant to be a time of spiritual discipline, reflection, extra prayers, and increased generosity. It’s also a time many Muslims reconnect with the Quran.

Even water?

Yes, during the daylight hours Muslims do not eat or drink. That includes water. To stay energized throughout the day, many Muslims wake up early for a pre-dawn meal called suhoor. And they might adjust their working hours around their fasts.

How long is Ramadan?

Ramadan lasts for 29 or 30 days, depending on the moon sighting. The day after Ramadan ends is a celebration called Eid Al Fitr.

Is there a custom greeting for Ramadan?

The standard greeting is “Ramadan Mubarak.” This greeting means “Blessed Ramadan.” You can also try “Ramadan Kareem,” meaning “Noble Ramadan.” 

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