Volunteering for Real Estate Agents: 15 Opportunities

volunteering for real estate agents

As a real estate agent, it’s important to build relationships with the communities in which you work. Through those relationships, you’ll learn about the best school districts, which coffee shop has the best coffee, which school districts are the top choices of parents, and what local government happenings you need to stay aware of. This knowledge helps you to give your clients the key information they need to make a well-informed decision about where they want to live.  

One of the best ways to build these strong connections within a community is to volunteer. By volunteering, not only will you stay involved in the community, but you’ll be working to support and improve it, too. Volunteering is highly rewarding, and it’s also a key element of building your business. 

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Benefits of Volunteering for Realtors 

As a real estate agent, volunteering offers many benefits:  

  • Learn about the local community so you can provide your clients with accurate information 
  • Demonstrate your dedication to the community 
  • Network with community members and leaders 
  • Connect with and get referrals to potential new clients 
  • Keep your brand top of mind so new clients are more likely to reach out to you 

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15 Real Estate Volunteer Opportunities 

There are many potential ways that you can volunteer in a community. Whether you just have a few hours of time per month or are looking to volunteer more regularly, the below ideas can help you to get involved.  

  1. Contact your local food pantry. You might be able to run a food drive, help serve food, sort donations, or perform other tasks.  
  2. Support local nursing homes or kids in the hospital by assembling holiday gift bags.  
  3. Volunteer as a business coach to help guide entrepreneurs and business owners. You may be able to find opportunities through your local community college or your SCORE branch.  
  4. Help to provide affordable housing. Consider volunteering for a Habitat for Humanity construction project. This can also be a great project to do with your entire real estate team.  
  5. Contact your local animal shelter. Offer to organize a donation drive for pet supplies, volunteer at an adoption day, or help out with animal care at the shelter.  
  6. Schedule a charitable meal at a local restaurant. Plan the event so that the proceeds will benefit a local charity. You can ask local businesses to donate silent auction items and set up a table highlighting the work that the nonprofit does.  
  7. Donate a portion of your commission to a local nonprofit. This activity offers lots of opportunities to create awareness on social media, and it may result in new client inquiries and referrals.  
  8. Sponsor a charitable walk or run event to benefit a local nonprofit. Encourage participants to create teams and fundraise, and create other ways for people to get involved, such as by donating silent auction items.  
  9. Sponsor a community sports team, or consider donating equipment or volunteering to coach the team. Your time and involvement can help ensure that all kids who want to participate can play sports, and the fact that you’ll be able to print your real estate business name and logo on the uniforms is an added marketing bonus.  
  10. Support the arts by donating money to or volunteering at a local museum or theater nonprofit. You might also buy artists’ work or sponsor an art show.  
  11. Volunteer at a school. Contact a local school and ask about any available volunteer opportunities. You might be able to assist with after-school programs, volunteer as a tutor, or help with fundraising.  
  12. Adopt a family during the holidays. Many nonprofits offer the chance to adopt a family during the holidays. By adopting a family, you might do anything from sending them a meal to buying gifts for their celebration. The Salvation Army often hosts such programs, but ask at your local town hall to find out which programs are available in your area.   
  13. Adopt a highway or street. Consider adopting a highway or a local street to help keep the neighborhood clean. Get friends and family together on cleaning days to make the work easier.  
  14. Collect toys for charity during the holidays. Many charities host toy drives during the holidays. You can help to support them by gathering toys at your office or by staffing toy drop-off events in the community.  
  15. Contact your favorite nonprofit. If you have a nonprofit that you want to support, reach out and see what types of volunteer opportunities may be available. You may be able to volunteer at a special event, assist with fundraising efforts, volunteer at the nonprofit in person, and more.  

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The Bottom Line: Get Connected 

Volunteering can help you to make valuable connections within the community, but even more importantly, it’s highly rewarding. You’ll have the chance to get to know community members, and you might even meet people who have become new friends. Even better is the fact that you’ll be doing good and will be working to improve the community where you work.  

Your volunteer work can also help you to connect with potential new clients and grow your real estate business. Partner with a trusted referral network like Guidance Home Services to get connected with pre-approved homebuyer leads. 

Originally published January 2013, updated January 2023.  

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