How to Get More Buyer and Seller Referrals: A Guide

Learn how to get more buyer and seller referrals so you can help clients buy and list beautiful homes like this one.

Leads are the key to building your business in real estate.

Increase your leads, and you will increase your business, and the best way to increase your leads is through referrals. No matter how much money you spend on advertising, most consumers will trust word of mouth more than any ad you can print, publish, or post.

Polishing your technique for generating referrals can pay off nicely for you.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • host events that will generate buzz
  • keep your name top of mind
  • ask for referrals in person or over the phone
  • utilize strategic partners
  • join real estate referral programs

The guide offers tips you can put to use right away. Get your free copy today!

Get Pre-Approved Referrals