Real Estate Networking: A How-to Guide for Agents

Real Estate Networking

How To Network As A Real Estate Agent  

Real estate networking is essential to the success of any real estate agent. In fact, it’s one of the habits of successful real estate agents. As a result of networking, real estate agents can gain new clients, form new deals, and promote their businesses. Additionally, it provides them with peer-to-peer learning opportunities. 

Here’s how real estate agents can start networking—both off and online.  

Build Your Online and Social Media Presence 

Real estate agents often wonder how to network when it comes to building a strong social media presence online. By leveraging popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you can build audience engagement, create networking opportunities, and build your brand. Regular posts can increase your audience and engagement, which can lead to closed deals. 

You will no longer wonder how to network as a real estate agent if you use social media as a baseline. A strong social media presence, imaging, and videos will go a long way in a society that values technology and communication. Millions of users are on the platforms every day to promote themselves and their businesses. 

Engage With Your Local Community 

Networking for real estate agents is akin to becoming a strong community leader. Real estate agents constantly strive to foster strong relationships with their own towns and surrounding communities. As a result of this partnership, real estate agents can gain insight into future opportunities that are not publicly listed. This means that a real estate agent’s clients are provided with optimal customer service and opportunities. 

Engaging with your local community does not have to be extreme. Simple examples of community building include visiting a local nonprofit, volunteering as part of a local committee, or running for local office. This is a great way to network, create strong connections, and gain insight into new opportunities down the pipeline. 

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Help Your Buyers Get Into Their Dream Homes 

As a real estate agent, your goal is to get people into their dream homes. The best way to do this is by listening to your clientele. After all, exceptional customer service can lead to extraordinary offers. In order to provide clients with the utmost care and professionalism, it is important to treat them as you would want to be treated.  

Great ways to show exceptional customer service are: 

Make your client feel heard.

Many people become upset if they do not feel like their real estate agent is listening to them. If their needs are not met, they will likely walk away from a deal or second guess their decisions. Opening up and communicating with them in a positive manner to make them feel heard is a great way to avoid a downfall. 

Go the extra mile.

People always feel better when someone goes the extra mile to show them that they are appreciated and valued. This also goes a long way when connecting with a client to close a sale or sell a home. If a client asks you to do something, try your best to make it happen, it will do wonders for you and your client in the long run. 

Embrace change.

In this new age where technology is dominant, many clients will turn to technology to communicate and gain information on a property. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is a vastly popular trend. Take a moment to assess your client and determine whether social media, messaging, or other similar types of technology is a better way to communicate than more traditional methods. 

Using your connections to the community to assist people in finding their dream home is key. Not only does this show that an agent is an expert in their field and community, but it is also a great customer service tactic. Personalized attention makes a client feel heard and valued and can create a better opportunity for both parties. 

Attend Networking Events And Conferences 

Events and conferences are a great place to network as a real estate agent. This is because these events are typically attended by like-minded people that you can meet and build a rapport with. This rapport built with other real estate agents, businesses, and key people is key to any agent’s success. This engagement is even more important when it comes to connecting with direct competitors. 

Although it may be tempting to freeze out competitors at an event or conference, it is actually much more beneficial to connect with them. It provides agents with a new opportunity to connect with people they would otherwise never meet, learn about new trends, and gain inspiration. Meeting someone with an objective view can provide you with new considerations when approaching the real estate market and new clients.  

Have A Process For Following Up With Contacts 

After you create new connections and acquire new leads, it is of the utmost importance that you follow up with these contacts. Follow-up is key because it can lead to a domino effect on clientele in the future.  

Most real estate agents gain new clients through referrals, which occur from recommendations from previous clients. If an agent does not follow up on a lead, they can lose out on future commissions and revenues through this chain. 

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While life is often busy, and it can be hard to find time to follow up with these leads, it is extremely important. Some of the best and simple ways to effectively follow up with new groups and contacts are: 

Carve out the time.

Although life can get hectic, it is essential to block out time in the week to focus on follow-up calls. These calls are a great way to find new opportunities and commissions.  

Collect valuable contact information.

Before leaving a networking event, ensure that you have garnered valuable contact information for a potential lead. This will provide a direct way to contact them when it is time to follow up and remove confusion. 

Use research and analytics to your advantage.

Knowledgeable real estate agents who come to the table prepared with data and analytics are more likely to turn a follow-up call into a commission. This is because data is perceived as valuable, and clients will take this information seriously.  

Use a method of communication that is preferable.

Due to technological advancement, not everyone wants to speak to a real estate agent on the phone. Get creative and engage through social media or email instead. If they do prefer a phone call, enact engagement this way. If you engage with follow-ups in a manner they are comfortable with; it can lead to better results. 

Following up with the contacts you acquire through networking is one way to find new clients.  

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Originally published February 2020, updated June 2022.

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