Alhamdulillah! My parents would be proud of me

woman and man smiling on couch with man in between them

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today, I am enjoying one of the happiest moments in my life. It’s been around 4 years since I started to earn my own living and today was the first time I made a purchase that will stand tall for the years to come. Mom and Dad, by the blessings of Allah SWT, I have purchased our own home! It feels immensely exciting! I owe this to both of you. I’m sure this can never be compared to what you’ve provided me with. But this home will make you proud like never before.

I know that you’re jumping with joy that I’ve bought a home of our own. I wish I was beside you to see that. I still remember how proud you’ve felt at every moment I achieved something great. Be it the first day I went to school, or when I graduated, or when I got my first job – all of these times, my success meant so much to you. But trust me; it happened because you stood by my side. And because you kept encouraging me since my childhood. Those numerous hours you and mom spent with me each night to teach me, have come a long way in making me the respected professional that I am today.

But there’s something more that I’d like to let you both know. You’ve taught me that our faith comes first in whatever we do. And that we should never forgo or compromise on what Allah SWT expects of us. Keeping this in mind, I decided to purchase this home without paying a penny as riba. Soon enough I got to know through my friends about Guidance Residential, a company known for its Sharia-compliant Islamic home financing program. I was so pleased to hear that home ownership would soon become a reality without taking an interest-bearing loan. Masha’ Allah, everything went smooth and they approved our home’s financing. And today, I am writing this letter to you from under our own roof, Mom and Dad.

For this reason, more than anything else, Alhamdulillah! I believe, you will be proud of me and proud like never before.

Your loving son,