Never rush through the final walk-through! Here’s why

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Never rush through a final walk-through! Here’s why:

Prior to closing, final walk-through is an important yet at times an ignored stage in home purchase. Sometimes, buyers tend to get too excited and they do a walk-through as a namesake exercise without taking enough time to examine properly. This could result in small issues left unaddressed and unwanted expenditures when buyers take ownership. In this article, we talk about certain things that buyers should consider before planning and while doing their walk-through.

Avoid a walk-through on the closing day

This is the last chance you get to find if there are any issues in the property. If the sellers had agreed to rectify issues revealed by an inspection, you can verify if they have been done as agreed, during the final walk-through. So, make sure to have it much ahead of the closing date and by all means avoid having both on the same day. There may not be sufficient time to do a walkthrough if you have to go for the closing later during the day.

Check the power sockets

It doesn’t really require an electrician to do it. Just plug in your phone using a charger and see for yourself if the connection is right. It is best that you carefully check this in order to avoid being surprised by faulty power outlets after you move in. Also, turn on all switches to see if the basic utilities such as lights are properly wired. It won’t take much time after all.

Have an eye for junk left behind by sellers

Sometimes, sellers can be too caught up on moving their home that they could forget to clear their household junk. Walk around the garage, check the basement and the attic. Sellers could leave behind some harmful items such as unused paint cans or a barbecue fuel tank. If these items are not stored securely or discarded properly, you could be inviting trouble. Look out for such things with care as after closing, everything that is within the property technically becomes yours.

Be prepared for surprises

Usually buyers make up their mind on a home, when it is still occupied by the seller. Once the seller has moved out of the house, the same property might look different without the furnishings and other appliances. This could create something contrary to the warm feeling, which made the buyer choose the home in the first place. An empty home can feel quite lifeless and hollow. Besides the emptiness created by the absence of furniture, certain imperfections might show up – mildly bleached doors, carpet stains, holes on walls that previously held a TV screen or paintings in place etc. So prepare yourself ahead of the walk-through to deal with these surprises.

It is one of the final steps of what could have been a long journey. After saving enough to make a good down payment, searching for the right home, qualifying for a Shariah home financing program and reviewing paperwork, it is necessary to ensure that your dream home reaches you in good shape before you get its keys in your hand. So take enough care to do the final walk-through perfectly. Make a list of things that you need to check and take a family member along if you would require help. This will ensure that your home ownership will be free from worry for years to come.