10 Tips for Spring Home Maintenance

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Spring is a season of renewal and rejuvenation, making it a good time to give your home a thorough inspection and carry out essential maintenance tasks before the arrival of summer’s heat. This not only preserves the beauty and functionality of your space but can also prevent costly repair bills in the future.

Winter snow and ice can be hard on a home in a variety of ways. With the warmer temperatures making it easier to work, especially outdoors, we’ve compiled a list of 10 essential spring home maintenance tips. These tips are designed to guide homeowners through the process of inspecting, cleaning, and updating their properties during the spring months to ensure they remain in prime condition throughout the year.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a recent entrant into the world of property ownership, our comprehensive guide will help you prepare your home for the months ahead, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and efficient living environment.

1. Check gutters and downspouts

Spring showers can overwhelm clogged gutters with debris from nearby trees. If the gutters aren’t doing their job properly, leaves, twigs, and other debris can block the flow of water, causing it to pool and potentially lead to wood rot and leaks into your house. A little maintenance here can save you from expensive repairs later.

2. Check your roof for damage from winter storms

Winter weather can leave your roof with missing shingles, cracks, or other types of water damage throughout. If no one in the family is ready for a trip up a ladder, you can zoom in using your smartphone camera and see what’s going on up there on the roof. Addressing roof damage promptly can prevent water from leaking into your home during spring and summer storms.

3. Pressure wash and reseal wood surfaces if it’s been a while

Your deck, patio, and other wooden structures can suffer from prolonged exposure to the elements in the winter months. Pressure washing removes grime, dust and buildup, while resealing protects and seals the wood from moisture and wear. Doing this every one to two years can extend the life of these surfaces.

4. Check driveway and walkways for cracks

Small cracks can quickly become large ones if water seeps in and freezes or fosters weed growth, so inspect for cracks and fix them. Early repairs can save a lot of money and hassle later on. Repairs are easier and less expensive when they’re small.

5. Thwart troublesome insects

Many different kinds of insects can cause trouble, from nuisance to expensive damage. Mosquitoes can breed in even the smallest amounts of standing water, so eliminate any such places around your home. Also, be vigilant for signs of termites as the weather warms up—early detection can save your home from significant damage.

6. Clean or replace your HVAC filters

This should be done seasonally, not once a year, but it’s an easy one to forget. A dirty filter forces your air conditioner to work harder, costing you more in utility bills. Regularly replacing your HVAC filters improves air quality and efficiency. A clean filter keeps your system working properly, reducing energy costs and preventing undue strain on your HVAC system.

7. Clean your dryer vent

The lint trap in your dryer doesn’t catch everything. Lint that clogs the vent causes your dryer to run longer and also creates a fire hazard. Cleaning the vent ensures your dryer operates safely, efficiently and effectively.

8. Check your window and door screens for holes

Holes in screens invite pests into your home. Checking and repairing your windows and doors in early spring can help you enjoy fresh air without unwelcome visitors.

9. Take a fresh look at paint and landscaping

Are any painted surfaces looking worse for the wear? Any bare patches on the lawn? Fall is the best time for reseeding or over seeding your lawn, but early spring is second best. Any areas where you want to plant something new? Now is a good time to start planning. Don’t forget to service your lawnmower to ensure it’s ready for the growing season.

10. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors

Ensuring the functionality of your smoke detectors is a critical safety measure for every household. It’s recommended to replace the batteries at least once a year to maintain optimal performance and to test the detectors monthly to ensure they are working correctly. A simple step like this can provide peace of mind, knowing that your family is protected against the threats of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Maintenance is key

Regular home maintenance is a proactive approach that ensures the longevity and efficiency of your property, preventing minor issues from snowballing into major problems. Spring maintenance, in particular, is essential because it addresses the wear and tear your home endures during the winter months and prepares it for the warmer seasons ahead.

A well-maintained property not only looks better but also functions more efficiently. Ultimately, investing time in maintenance is an investment in your home’s future, providing peace of mind and saving you money in the long run.

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Originally published February 2020, updated May 2024.