The Story of Guidance Residential and the Green Home Contest

illustration of house and green grass

Once upon a time, there was a company called Guidance Residential that lived in a beautiful land. Guidance Residential was full of people that had big hearts and wanted to do well. As they went out into the kingdom, they saw people that needed help. Hard working people of the Islamic faith that wanted a home for their family or that wanted the home they lived in to be easier to afford. Guidance knew that their company was created with the help of the best and most trusted minds in the land and only they could help families honor their faith and fulfill their dreams of a home.  As the word spread throughout the kingdom, families came from far and wide to work with Guidance to make their dreams come true.

But Guidance wanted to do more!

They didn’t want to stop at just helping families with their homes, they wanted to help the whole kingdom. They wanted to honor the communities that put their faith in Guidance by giving back to them. Soon, Guidance Residential became the largest supporter of Islamic community initiatives in the land!

But they still wanted to do more….

The kingdom was a beautiful, green place – fresh water and air, trees, and sunshine. Guidance wanted to save the land so that the children could be happy and live in a healthy home. They wanted to go out and spread the word to the people that the land was precious and needed to be protected – but they needed help.

They decided to hold a “Design Your Green Home” contest and search the land for the best and brightest school children that would create homes that could be clean, “green”, and a safe place to live. They knew that the children would have great ideas, and they wanted to see them! They decided a video contest would be a grand idea and named it the “Guidance Goes Green Student Video Competition”.

In celebration, and to honor the K-12 students in weekday or weekend Islamic schools that entered the contest, Guidance Residential would give them a special gift – an exclusive contest t-shirt AND a Certificate of Participation. Now, every child would be rewarded for their talent and creativity and could rejoice. The winners of the contest however, would receive many riches! In fact, Guidance Residential would award the winners and their schools a total of $10,000 cash – quite a large sum of wealth that the children and their schools could use for happy things.

With the proclamation of the “Design Your Green Home” contest, there was much excitement throughout the towns and villages! All who entered were sent many great wishes and their days were prosperous and filled with joy.  And they lived happily ever after…

The End

*Contest begins Sept. 5, 2106. For details including deadlines, rules, FAQs and other important information, please visit