Want to get hold of the perfect home? Consider these factors:

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When buyers get into the ‘home search’ mode, they spend a lot of time checking listings online, visiting open houses and talking to their realtors to stay updated. The need to purchase the perfect home keeps them on their toes all the while. However, most of them, overlook certain factors that are key in making a home ‘perfect’. As a new year is about to break dawn and some of you would like to get started with your home search, here are a few points that you should keep in mind, when you look out for the perfect home.


Where your house is located is extremely important. From the town, school district, neighborhood, block and the exact point on the block, where the home is located etc., are influential in home purchase. Even at times when real estate markets keep fluctuating, a well located property will have its own appeal among buyers. Also, check for buildings or spaces around the home. They should be in such a way that your privacy or daylight entry isn’t compromised. Even if these don’t matter to you, it could be a concern for your future buyer, when you decide to sell it.

School district?

Parents want their children to have the best education. So they choose a location that is in close proximity to the best schools. This has to be one of the first items on your checklist. For a fact, most people start of their home search by choosing a particular school district and then hunt for homes within or around it. Even if you may not have children at present, it is a smart decision to buy your home in a good school district as it would help you later if you’re planning to sell it.

Walk score?

Of late, ‘walk score’ is a popular parameter that is doing rounds in the real estate market. Based on how far you need to walk from your home to access basic amenities in the neighborhood, real estate websites and apps calculate a walk score on a scale of 25-100. It can’t be ignored because you don’t want to take your car every now and then to reach the super store or go visit a doctor.

Crime records?

Have a careful watch over the crime figures of the neighborhoods you’ve shortlisted. Most municipalities share their crime statistics on the internet these days. So, take a quick glance at a neighborhood’s crime records by looking up online. Sometimes you could be shocked to learn that a seemingly normal neighborhood can have terrifying stats. If you are looking to move to a new area or a town, have a word with the locals and the municipal officers there.

Best house on the block?

It is better to stay away from the best house on the block. This is because your home may not get a significant growth on investment in future. Instead, it would be a smarter move to buy the not so great home on the best block. Because a home on a good location can always be host to improvements. And this will add to your home’s inherent advantage of a great location.


One of the main reasons that buyers choose a fixer-upper is because they like to have a home in a great block or neighborhood. Like mentioned before, if the location is good, improvements will certainly add to the home’s value. However, you have to do a lot of homework on this. Start off with a home inspection and find out the true level of damages and if they can be restored economically. Check for the local building codes. Sometimes an extension that you want to do could be off the limit prescribed. Getting a renovation done can be a stressful experience, not just on your finances, but also on your energy and emotions. Do not buy a fixer-upper without fully knowing what you’re getting into.

Neighborhood’s character?

You could have fixed your mind on the most beautiful home, which has good connectivity to amenities, located in a good school district and is on the best block. But there can be things beyond your control. Visit the neighborhood during different times of the day. Observe the traffic patterns to see how buy the place can get. Look around the community and get a feel of its true character. Imagine waking up at 10.30 pm in the night to the sound of your neighbor’s new found interest in drums! Perhaps, talking to a couple of residents would help you better understand your neighbors’ friendly nature.

Finding the right home is an important part of a happy and contented home purchase. As you’re going to take up a significant financial commitment of your life, it is necessary that you are well informed. Check for the above factors and discuss with your realtor. The deeper you look for details during your home search, the better your chances are in finding the perfect home.

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