A Halal Turkey Recipe Your Entire Household Can Enjoy – By Yvonne Maffei (My Halal Kitchen)

I absolutely love the Fall season. There’s an abundance of amazing produce in various areas across the country, many of which are beautiful local varieties of pumpkin, root vegetables and leafy greens. We also have wild turkey, which is usually hunted anywhere from October through mid-May, making it possible to enjoy a feast for quite a long time.


Since the extent of my “hunting” involves a trip to the grocery store, I get my dhabiha halal turkeys from Midamar. I buy several and make them throughout the fall season and way into the winter time. Since most are so large, they are great for feeding a crowd or having an elegant dinner party just because. At my house, leftovers are always welcome in the following days to make sandwiches like turkey melts and turkey soup with orzo or any other type of small noodles- not only delicious but quite healthy, too.


Most whole turkeys typically come frozen and need to be safely defrosted in the refrigerator for a few days before roasting. This goes faster if you can manage to place them in a large container of cold water while they are still wrapped. I’m not a fan of deep frying turkeys for both health and safety reasons. (New York Times)


I like to make my turkey (and chicken and duck) with as many seasonal ingredients as possible, but when it comes to spices I’m a fan of the Mediterranean variety simply because they complement poultry so well. Use my recipe as a guideline but incorporate what you have on hand to create your very own feast for a crowd throughout the fall and winter seasons.


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