Get kids excited about Ramadan’s lessons with a fun calendar

a picture of Muslim hijabi mother and daughter doing school craft work - It's for a blog post on the subject kids calendar in Ramadan

As Ramadan nears, American Muslim families are looking to get kids excited while encouraging spirituality and teaching important lessons. It’s a tall order. Ramadan calendars are a solution that’s growing in popularity.

These calendars include one spot for each day of the month, usually combining lessons and treats. There are many variations, and you can make them or buy them. Here are a few of our favorites.

A poster mosque with doors that lift to reveal a surprise.

This one takes a bit of preparation, but the result is fun.

  1. Get two pieces of poster board, permanent markers, good-quality stickers, and an X-Acto knife, and any additional decorations you like (such as glitter—optional).
  2. Draw a mosque on one of the posters using permanent markers, and draw 30 simple windows or doors. Use an X-Acto knife to carefully cut out the windows or doors, leaving the left sides uncut so they will open and close. (Place a piece of wood or several layers of poster underneath to protect your table or floor.) Write 1-30 on the doors.
  3. Attach this poster board to the other one.
  4. Lift each flap and draw a symbol underneath—a book for a story, a pencil for a lesson, a hand to represent doing a good deed, a car for a trip, a candy for a sweet treat, or a gift box for a small gift.
  5. Use stickers to seal each door closed. Use good quality ones so they’ll stay stuck all month.
  6. Finish decorating with glitter if you like. (Optional.)
  7. Each morning in Ramadan, let the child open the day’s door and do what’s underneath together or give them the treat.
A poster with 30 envelopes.

This is a simpler version in which you can also include a small treat. Here’s a simple tutorial, and here’s one that’s a little more in-depth.

Fabric alternative.

You can make a fabric version of the poster if you like to sew. Sew 30 fabric or felt squares onto a larger piece of fabric or felt, decorate, and place items in each pocket. Fold down the top to sew a loop to stick a rod through, tie a long string to each end of the rod, and use the string to hang over a hook on the wall. Here’s a simple tutorial and one that’s a bit fancier.

Or go shopping.

If all of this sounds overwhelming, you can buy printables to make the crafting easy, or buy one ready-made. Search on (here’s one) and (here’s an option). Crate and Barrel sells a cool one now, and you can even buy fancy versions using wooden drawers.

What do you put in the pockets?

Lots of good ideas here.

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