Infusing your Home with Ramadan Spirit

Woman reading inside a mosque image

Ramadan is a great time to stop and slow down. It teaches us to enhance our mindfulness around everything we do, down to each bite of food and sip of water. We watch our behavior carefully and focus more deeply on our worship throughout this blessed month. 

To achieve this many American Muslim families find it helpful to infuse their homes with a bit of Ramadan spirit.

Ramadan Decorations

Decorating your home for Ramadan is a beautiful way to create a festive atmosphere in your living spaces. It doesn’t take much to add special personal touch that visually sets this month apart for your family as well as guests at your Iftar gatherings.

If you choose to buy decorations, options have proliferated in recent years, and they’re even available in major stores now. We prefer to support Muslim-owned businesses to not only uplift our family but our community as well.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • A piece of Arabic calligraphy
  • Fresh flowers on the dining table
  • String lights — a favorite with children (choose from flashing colored lights for a festive look or plain white for a soft glow to light your suhoor)
  • Ramadan countdown calendar — another favorite with the kids
  • Wall art such as crescent moons or star motifs
  • Ramadan themed artwork on your front door to greet guests
  • Lanterns — a traditional favorite around the world

Prayer Corner

Perhaps the best way to invite in the spirit of the essence of Ramadan doesn’t have to cost a penny: a prayer corner.

A prayer corner is a great way to emphasize your family’s focus on what this month is truly about. Whether it’s simple and minimalistic or fully stocked with comfortable rugs, decor, and furniture, the important point is to create one single place for everyone at home to gather and pray.

To start your own, remove distractions, and gather items you’ll want—like Qurans and prayer beads—on a table within reach. Lanterns with candles can provide a softer light, supporting the shift into a calm and reflective state of mind.

Some families even go all out to make their prayer corner look like a mosque, especially for children. Crafty families have been known to set up a cardboard wall decorated to look like a masjid, or even cut out a mini-mosque from a large cardboard box so children can go inside and read or rest.

Ramadan wishes from Guidance Residential

Every Ramadan we’re reminded of the blessings of home. Since 2002, Guidance Residential has helped over 40,000 families celebrate this holy month in their new home. We are so thankful to be part of their celebration, and we wish you a joyful and meaningful Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem!

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Originally published in May 2019, and updated March 2024.