Have you Packed these Road Trip Essentials?

An Image of a red SUV driving in a highway

When you’re planning a road trip, the right supply checklist can help reduce hassles and enhance enjoyment during your journey. Here are a few essentials to include.

Car information. Keep your license, registration, insurance docs, and owner’s manual in the glove box.

Automotive essentials. A spare tire and a car emergency kit including booster cables, lights, and standard emergency gear are important. Take an empty gas can. Practice changing a tire, just in case.

Travel accessories. Have paper maps handy in case there’s no phone service. Stock bottled water and granola bars in case you’re stranded. Take a roll of toilet paper, tissues, and bug spray. A pen and notepad may be useful if your phone stops working.

Entertainment. Update your playlist. Take a book or two. Pack cards and board games. Download your favorite movies and shows from Amazon Prime or Netflix before you leave home so you have options in case there’s no Wi-Fi or cell service.

Comfort add-ons. Bring the little extras that will make your trip even smoother: sunglasses, rain gear, sunscreen, bug spray, itch cream, travel mug, baby wipes, blanket, pillow.
Medications. If you need them, keep them handy.

Don’t forget to go outside this summer

Summer plans often include grandiose adventures: kayak and canoe trips, hiking, camping. But if these outdoor activities are outside your comfort zone, don’t discard your sunscreen yet. There are plenty of simple ways to enjoy fresh air and sunshine this summer.

Revisit the pleasures of childhood: blow bubbles, play hopscotch, or throw a Frisbee.  Keep in mind that campfires aren’t the only outdoor gatherings (although few tastes are as synonymous with summer nights as that of roasted marshmallows). Head out to a baseball game. Consider cheering for a local or minor league team. Plan a picnic at a nearby park or even in your yard. Lie on the grass and gaze at the stars. Visit water. Dangle your feet from a dock, gather seashells, or build a sandcastle.

Don’t let summer pass you by without having a little outdoor fun!