Plan ahead for simpler Ramadan meals

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Less time at the stove. More time in salat.

Ramadan is the month of fasting, not feasting. But if you’re like us, you probably find yourself spending more time on cooking than focusing on your spirituality. Check out these time-saving tips for preparing meals.

1. Cook in advance

Before Ramadan starts, cook extra meals and freeze them. This way you can spend minutes reheating the meals instead of hours over the stove.

2. Plan meal ideas

Even if you don’t cook ahead, plan ahead. Get the family involved in coming up with their favorites so you don’t scramble to find something everyone will eat minutes before iftar.

3. Shop for the staples before Ramadan

Fill your pantry with spices, storage containers, rice and pasta before the first day of fasting. If you’ll be having guests, buy extra plates, bowls, and silverware.

4. Organize your kitchen

Put away appliances you won’t be using, and move the ones you’ll use a lot to easy-to-reach locations. The organizing you do now will make every meal a little more efficient.

5. Keep it simple

In many cultures Ramadan meals tend to be elaborate and exhausting. But food in Islamic tradition is simple. Free yourself from unnecessary expectations and burdens, so you can focus on feeding the soul.

No matter how you’re preparing your meals, we wish you and your family a blessed Ramadan. Since 2002 Guidance Residential has helped over 28,000 families celebrate Ramadan in their new homes. We are so thankful to be part of their celebrations.

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