Account Executive

Mostafa Boulhanna

Mostafa Boulhanna


NMLS License # 1283828
(407) 409-8189
448 S. Alafaya Trail
Unit 8
(407) 409-8189
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Customer Testimonials For Mostafa

Jazakullaho Khair for all your efforts in helping us with the new home. It was such a blessing today while signing the closing documents, to have "Bismillahil Rahmanil Raheem" on the top of the documents, with the documents explaining the Shariah complaint loans, the co-ownership etc. Alhamdolilah, during the closing we were explaining to the agent from the title company how our deen encourages us not to deal in usury, and that there are financial institutions that allow us to still buy homes in ways complaint with Gods religion. Alhamdolilah. May Allah reward all of you at Guidance.

Ahmed Howeedy