Guidance Residential to Collaborate with Harvard University Muslim Students Association

Reston, VA, Mar 4, 2022 - Guidance Residential today announces its acceptance of an invitation to speak to the Muslim Students Association (MSA) of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts about the importance of Islamic home financing.

This event will further emphasize Guidance Residential's position as the leader in the Islamic finance sector in the United States, while simultaneously contributing to its mission to educate students and community leaders as a knowledge hub and resource for Islamic finance.

In Sever Hall, Guidance Residential's President & CEO, Kal Elsayed will discuss the role of Islamic finance from a social impact point of view and why Islamic finance matters today more than ever. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session and a sponsored dinner for attendees.

"Islamic finance is an economically just ecosystem that has five key principles: Transactions Are Rooted in Divine Law, Economic Just, Promote Circulation of Wealth, Asset-Backed, and Share in the Risk. Over time, the modern banking system introduced modifications to those key principles, and society has been impacted by these modifications," said Khaled Elsayed, President and CEO of Guidance Residential.

He said, "The richest 10% of the global population holds 86% of the world's wealth, and the top 1% holds 46% of global assets. The global debt has risen to such a level that UNICEF estimates that 30,000 people under the age of five die every day due to debt."

The speakers will also answer questions from attendees.

As Mr. Elsayed prepares for the event he said, "I am honored to be invited back to speak at Harvard and engage some of the brightest minds in our nation, and indeed the world to discuss how Guidance is passionately focused on introducing solutions, and how together, we can make a difference."

Guidance Residential is looking forward to strengthening its relationship with students belonging to MSA's across the nation through educational sessions, sponsorships, and providing career and community-building opportunities for students.

Registration for this exclusive event is currently open and available to students and non-students.


Guidance Residential is the leading provider of Islamic home financing in the United States. Since its inception in 2002, Guidance Residential has funded over $8.0 billion in Islamic home financing contracts, serving more than 30,000 families.

Guidance Residential is a subsidiary of Guidance Financial Group, an international company dedicated to serving the market for Islamic financial products and services. Guidance Financial Group offers unique investment products to institutional investors and financial intermediaries worldwide, and provides financial services to its retail customer base in the United States. The company's commitment to intensive research and development and solid operational support for its products has allowed it to develop unique financial solutions that address unmet needs of the American Muslim market.

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