Account Executive

Munther Qtaish

Munther Qtaish


NMLS License # 1417305
(408) 342-1852
3000 Scott Boulevard
Suite 208
(408) 342-1852
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Customer Testimonials For Munther

This was my first home purchase. Munther Qtaish was the Account Executive in California who helped me and he did an excellent job. He was always reachable, generous and candid with his time and sincere advice, trust-worthy and professional. As you would expect, occasionally miscommunication may happen between the different parties involved (escrow, lender, agent..etc.), you need an agent that will stay on top of the process to course-correct if needed.

Amr E.

I wanted to just give you some feedback from my recent experience with Guidance. I first learned about Guidance from an event put on at our local masjid/community center in Santa Clara by Munther Qtaish. My initial expectation was (sad to say) this was another event put on by a "Muslim Organization" (i.e.: not starting on time, not professional, etc). I was sorely mistaken. From the minute I walked in I was impressed with how professional the room was set up - well dressed information tables in the back, snacks and coffee, very professional presentation and slide deck. I learned a ton and every time I felt myself having a question, I found it was answered by the presentation. I left the presentation not only excited about the Islamic financing possibility but excited to pursue an opportunity with a professional Muslim organization. From there I worked with Munther to get my pre-qual and get started shopping for houses and submitting necessary documents. Munther was extremely helpful and prompt to reply to any questions I had. He was also more than happy to explain (multiple times, on some occasions) any issues I didn't understand. I felt very comfortable working with him the entire time and never felt "on my own". I had heard horror stories about the underwriting process from various friends and I was very nervous for it. However, working with Munther was seamless. I found myself thinking "that's it?" when I was informed that the underwriter was satisfied, alhamdulillah. I was inspired to write this email because I felt that Munther went above and beyond to make our process easy and I wanted to make sure he was recognized for it! Our loan was funded almost 2 weeks ago and we are preparing to move into our new house. We could not be more excited! Moreover, we are very happy knowing we did everything we could to get sharia compliant financing and are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Guidance. We will definitely be telling our friends about our experience!

Jazakum Allah khair for taking the time to read this.
Abdullah M.

I would like to thank Munther for all the amazing work he did. I know my application wasn't the easiest, as I am new to this thing!

Mohamad T.

Thank you so much for all your help in re-financing our home. I sincerely appreciate your advice, helpfulness, and immediate responses to our inquiries. As I am sure you are aware, the home loan process is stressful and your attention and consideration helped relieve that stress to bring the process to a successful conclusion. We appreciate your help in this matter.

Darlena Price

Salam dear brother Munther, Here is my testimony. I have been working with Munther for a year now. I have found him very honest and responsive and detailed professional person. He will get into all the details and explains them over and over until the customer is really satisfied. Very responsive and accommodating. One great point also is honesty. I was really comfortable that he is working on my case and I did not have to worry or do a lot of research to get everything in place. He will take care of everything from his side. I really recommend working with him. I already ask my brother to work with him (but unfortunately Guidance does not work in his state). I also told 2 friends of mine to work with him. One already bought a house through Munther and one just started to plan for the purchase of a new home. Overall, Munther is the right person to finance or refinance your new/existing home!

Talal Darwich