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CUSTOMER Testimonials
I feel myself fortunate that I got in touch with Sister Nejat Abdurahman at Guidance. My experience with Guidance and especially with Sister Nejat was a memorable one. She was very professional, highly customer service oriented, quick responder and expert in her field. Her work ethics were very impressive. As a customer of mortgage financing, we always have a lot of questions with our rep, Sister Nejat was very responsive and always extremely respectful, polite and courteous. Amazingly she gave us her cell number also and we have access to her 24×7, which is very rare in this business. During entire process she was very prompt in keeping us updated on the status of process, which was a great help and gave us peace of mind. Guidance Residential is blessed to have an individual like Sister Nejat Abdurahman on their staff. She is a major asset to Guidance Residential and I think the company can use her to train other staff members for transferring her high level of skills. I would like to recommend every Muslim Brothers and Sisters to Sister Nejat Abdurahman. Thank you Sister Nejat. A. Khan. (Cypress, TX)
I didn’t think that it will happen! Will I be able to buy the house my wife like? It was a miracle to me. I got the brochure of Guidance Residential from The Asian Food fair of Palm Beach Florida, I checked online and found out how exciting it is to work with and get a loan from GR with the help of one of their best Executive Ms. Nejat. I will never forgot how friendly, helpful she was. M. Haque. (Port St. Lucie, FL)
Nejat Abdurahman helped me re-finance my property 3 times. She is very detail oriented and helpful with all paper work. She makes sure that her client saves money in closing cost. I have called her 100 times to clarify minor details and found her responses very helpful. I would recommend anyone looking for the ‘Best’ mortgage deals to contact her. It has been very nice experience working with her. M. Yahya. (Pembroke Pines, FL)
Guidance Residential has helped me and my whole family to secure a home in our time of need. I couldn’t be more grateful for their fair and generous lending rates, at a time when most other institution were engaging in predatory lending practices. My family had been victims of outrageously deceptive contracts with previous lenders that was designed to take advantage of vulnerable home owners. We were forced to seek out other alternatives that provided more flexibility and stability for my family, which led us to Guidance Residential. Their entire business is based on Islamic principles and values, and not so much capitalistic greed.  If I should ever need lending services in the future, I know that I can depend on Guidance Residential to assist me and my family. I. Paredes. (Pittsburg, PA)
Guidance residential was my first mortgage company I ever worked with, and it was a great experience. Agent Nejat was always available, answering any questions I had, worked with me on speeding up my application process so I can meet my deadlines. Guidance residential was recommended to me by my friend, and I have recommended it to my friends as well. Ammar A. (Dublin, OH)
Alhamdulillah! Finally, I can sleep. My husband and I were both worried since we found out that buying a house with interest is haram. We refinanced our house two years ago through Guidance with help of Ms. Nejat Abdurahman from Virginia. She was a blessing to work with and it wasn’t difficult for us to put my trust on her. She was very straight and honest with us thru out the process.  Even though we are in Texas, she was always there for us even after hours which made the process very pleasant. I’m so glad that we can finally finance the Shariah way. I would recommend my relatives and friends to Ms. Nejat Abdurahman. Thank you Guidance! Eled S. (Wylie, TX)
Alhamdulillah, we had a very good experience when we worked with Nejat Abdurrahman two years ago refinancing our house loan through Guidance. She helped us educating about Islamic Finance and answered all of our questions whenever needed. It was a very smooth process and there was no hidden charges or sudden fees throughout the process. We highly recommend Nejat to anyone who wants to finance their house through Guidance for the first time or through refinancing. Unjum P. (Gaithersburg, MD)
Excellent service. Expert professionals, better than any bank. Nejat Abdulrahman is truly effective, pleasant and highly recommended. Refinance with relaxed mind and comfortable heart. Saad S. (Mason, OH)
Excellent Service by Nejat Abdurahman. Would highly recommend Guidance Financial. Shahzad F. (Troy, MI)
I financed my first home with Guidance and it was a very smooth and efficient process, they hold your hand along the way and they explain every step in the process in a very detailed manner. I have also refinanced this same house with them and had the pleasure to have Nejat Abdurahman manning my refinance and she was very professional and very responsive, she was always there overtime I had a questions and she handled the refinance process pretty well and that’s why she was the first person to contact when I decided to purchase investment properties. Great company and outstanding team. Mostafa A. Eden (Prairie, MN)
Nejat Abdurahman, Account Executive, provided a fabulous service during refinancing of my home in 2014. I called Guidance and was lucky that she picked up the phone. Nejat’s knowledge of the process was key in closing the deal smoothly and with minimal stress. I highly recommend her for any home financing needs with Guidance Residential. I’m sure she is an asset to the company. M. B. (Troy, MI) 
I was looking for a peace of mind and did an extensive research and ended up buying my current house through Guidance Residential. I worked with Najat Abdurahman and that was one of the smoothest transactions I’ve ever had. She walked me through the process and answered every question I had a timely and professional manner. With Guidance you get peace of mind Sharia wise and high quality staff of Najat’s caliber. I absolutely recommend their services. Mohammed D. (Knoxville, TN)
I used Guidance to finance a new home in 2015. The entire process was very smooth. I was concerned that I would have to pay a premium for halal mortgage but their profit rate was very reasonable. My agent, Nejat Abdurahman, was very professional throughout the entire process.  She is very knowledgeable and was always available and willing to answer my questions. A. A (Katy, TX)
I had financed my first house through Guidance about 16 years ago, and my experience was not that great.  When I refinanced my current house, I happened to meet Nejat Abdurahman who is highly professional that easily guided me through the process.  She made the process very seamless and enjoyable.  I am truly satisfied with her service and the care provided.   I highly appreciate Nejat for her knowledge, expertise and will not hesitate to recommend her. Nuru Y. (Annandale, VA)
Nejat Abdurahman was very professional and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find a home. Nabila Q.  
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