Account Executive

Rabia Khan


NMLS License # 1546033
(510) 241-2511
3000 Scott Boulevard
Suite 208
(510) 241-2511
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Customer Testimonials For Rabia

Rabia was a big reason the process to buy my first home felt like I was the most important customer they ever had. She was always busy, but never did I feel unattended for at any step of the way. InshaAllah I really hope to meet Rabia in person some day because she was pivotal in completing the process from start to end, and I honestly don't think I would have been able to do the process on my own. The more you learn about the process of purchasing a home, the more you realize the importance of having a good Account Executive who is there in your corner making sure every document, price agreement, and detail in and out of escrow is completed on its way in time to close. Thank you again Rabia! May God bless you.

Eesa Latif