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CUSTOMER Testimonials
Thanks for all the great help you provided, you were amazing and thanks for being patient with me. May Allah give you reward for everything. Thanks again.” -Fahad D.
Just wanted to take time and thank you for the amazing and exceptional experience I had working with you through the overall loan process through Guidance Residential. You always had detailed information for all the questions I had and thorough knowledge of overall processes, including next steps. Also, from the loan application process to closing, my wife and I felt very comfortable to not to worry about any unknowns. Again, we appreciated all your help. Best wishes. Saleem G.
Zeeshan was an excellent Account Executive and dealt with my 2 closings like they were his own. Emad A.  
I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to Allah SW. then to your hard work you provided me through my two investment closings in December 2016. I am so pleased with the amount of ownership you took on the processes and timeline. With a few hurdles we had & 2 federal holidays, you still managed to meet the 45 days promise of closing. Jazak Allah Kheer for all your work & efforts. Our community in North Dallas needs these characteristics. Best Regards, Emad A.
Jazakum Allahu Khair for assisting us in owning a home based on riba-free Islamic financing. You helped us make our home ownership dream a reality!  Omar T.  
After traveling, we are headed back to the US this week and are excited to be going to our new home. Without your assistance this would not have been possible and we appreciate what you have – with Allah’s will and grace -helped us achieve. You showed excellent character throughout this long process and we are grateful that you were our account executive. May Allah reward you and bless your family. Any time we need Guidance we will be in touch with you. Our warmest regards and sincere appreciation. Omar T.
I really appreciate your time and all your help. Thank you for all the suggestions and advice throughout the process. I felt I had someone to guide me – and you indeed did. May Allah reward you for your work. I look forward to keeping a good relationship with you insha’allah and have mentioned Guidance to my relative. I will keep in touch with you if I need any help or suggestions. Regards, Masud S.
Earlier this year me and my wife decided that we wanted to purchase a house. After renting, I was hesitant to buy because I did not want to incorporate Interest in my life. I did some research and found out about Guidance Residential. I spoke to Mr Zeeshan on the phone for an hour where he explained to me how their home financing works. I got a quote, compared it to other conventional debt quotes and was very surprised that they were so competitive – I was not paying more for Islamic financing. After I found the house that I wanted we had an issue with the seller where she needed to finish the sale in a period requiring that everything should be completed quickly by the deadline. Mr Zeeshan was very prompt with asking for documents and making sure that everything got done in time. Since it was my first home purchase, I had to be walked through every step and educated but he made sure that everything was very clear and that I had full information. He was always available to answer questions and at closing, he was working extra hard communicating with all parties. I really appreciate the way he handled the sale process and I highly recommend him for anyone wishing to purchase a house . Abdulaziz D.
Thank  you Zeeshan for helping me through the process. Buying a house isn’t easy, much less my first home. You were very helpful answering all my questions, guiding me, and finding solutions. You demonstrated true concern and wanting what was best for me. I didn’t feel pressured or sold into anything. I could tell you worked hard and kept it professional through out the process. I really appreciate your business,  I’m glad you were my lender agent, great job! Thank you! Sincerely, Fausto C.
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